Monday, 11 February 2013

Album covers remain unaffected

Why do some album covers remain unaffected in the android music player while I have already changed it in the app?

If the file saved in PMM does not have an album name, then the android music player will not show the album cover.  The album cover would only be saved in the files ID3 tag.

Unused genres

I want to remove unused genres on the genres do I do this?

Long press the Genre in the genre view, for the delete option.

Another way is to clear the media store manually.

settings -> apps --> google play music -> clear data -> force stop

Error saving file

It says error on some of my songs when i try editing and saving them. what do i do?

There is a report feature in PMP. This feature will email the file and debugging info. So that saving different file types can be fixed in future updates. The most common reason for files not saving is that the file is not a supported file type. e.g. a wav file with an mp3 extension.

The album covers and tags aren't showing up in my music player

It can take some time for the music database to update, depending on how large your music collection is.

Some music players like Double Twist use their own database to store music meta data. It is not possible to modify another applications database.

Same album art is showing on multiple songs

The same album art is showing on multiple songs in my music player but when I am in PMM it shows it correctly. Is there a way I can fix this?

it's because the android music player only displays one album cover per album. Where as the PMM reads the album cover from each files id3 tag.

WMA files

When I try to play or edit my songs it keeps saying it can't play wma files. What does that mean? 

It means that the application can edit the tags in a wma (Windows Media Audio) file. But it cannot play a wma file.